As a mom of two preschoolers and an early childhood educator, I was very thorough in my search for the highest quality preschool programs in the area. I can say with full confidence that Pottersville Preschool has the whole package! The talented educators at PPS possess the knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for teaching young children. It is evident that they put their heart into the growth of each and every child. Their warmth and responsiveness fosters a community of confident, secure, and cooperative students who are deeply engaged in learning. The teachers maximize their time in each school day with a balanced approach that integrates enrichment experiences such as: Music, Art, Spanish, Drama, and Character Education. Pottersville Preschool has prepared my children for school success by implementing developmentally appropriate programs used by local elementary schools. PPS values small class sizes and encourages participation and input from their families. I have yet to find any other preschool program that comes close to Pottersville Preschool. -Tara Saksa

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Our family had a wonderful early education experience at Pottersville Preschool. Our daughter and son each started in the 2s class, and our daughter completed 3 to 4s. They both immediately embraced the idea of going to school. Their teachers were caring, knowledgeable and well prepared.Also, after-school special mini units were a hit, like Spanish and Gardening!We’ve since relocated, and honestly believe our children had a “head start” at PPS.  Thank you!
The Maurers

Ian, Christine, Kylie and Jack

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We felt it necessary to let you know that you are an amazing group of women, people we are lucky to have met. As our sons move onto public elementary school, we know that we will smile when recalling our time with each of you, the memories we’ve shared, and the milestones we’ve watched our sons achieve in your “home away from home.” When you choose to share a piece of your children’s lives with people, you hope that they will be nurturing and caring and protective and love them to a small degree as much as you do. But, you all really loved them and, for that, we are eternally grateful.- Allison Christian

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Preparing to move to the area last year we visited a number of different preschools for my son. He is a bit tentative by nature and takes a while to warm up. While visiting Pottersville Preschool, he was visibly comfortable and explored on his own throughout the classroom whereas during visits to other preschools he was attached to my leg most of the visit. I knew then the school would be a good fit for him and have not been disappointed. The educators are loving, knowledgeable, and energetic and the class seems to become more of an extended family. I have seen my son grow more confident, make new friends, and learn by leaps and bounds enjoying himself all the while. – Alieen Peterson

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Both our daughter and son are “alumnae” of PPS, and we want to share our tremendously positive experiences to help you make a decision that will shape your child’s personality and set him/her on a path toward success in life.

The teachers are fantastic! They all take pride in getting to know the kids, and treat them as part of an extended family. So if you want a personal approach to your child’s first foray outside the home, PPS may be a good option for you. Classes are small, with 2 teachers per class…And all are dedicated to teaching the next generation of leaders how to think, behave, and be part of a team, where at the end of each year, each class shows the learnings that can only be achieved in a small, team-based approach to preschool curriculum. The team-based approach, if you’ve ever worked in corporate American, is something your best  co-workers practice, and something you wish your worst co-workers understand!

One of our nine-year old daughter’s best friend’s is a girl she met in preschool and our son still has play-dates with his classmates. And don’t discount the connections you and your family will make with your neighbors in Pottersville. One of the Dad’s of my son’s preschool class now works for the same company as I do!

So set yourself and your child up for a lifetime of success…consider PPS!


Ross Baker

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