Pottersville Preschool, serving children ages 2-5, has begun registration for September 2013.    Please contact Nancy Campbell at 908-439-3913  pvpreschool4nc16@aol.com for a tour or registration packet. Remember, at Pottersville Preschool, “We Put Family First”!

At Pottersville Preschool we provide a highly enriching program for our preschoolers.  The children work in small groups where they are immersed in hands-on projects rich in educational opportunities that stress creative approaches to learning.  For language arts, the children engage in creative story telling, journal writings, phonics, drama, predicting a story’s climax and much, much, more.  For math, the children enjoy learning math concepts through number recognition, sorting, measuring, classifying objects and learning their shapes.

Pottersville Preschool provides enrichment programs to include Spanish, computers, science and a special weekly music class.  We have educationally based field trips planned, in addition to many “educational guest performers” to delight the children in diverse cultural and explorative opportunities.

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